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Deciding Between the Keto Diet and the Paleo Diet

Losing weight always comes in the minds of people every time the new year starts and some find ways to make them a reality while some lose their interest after just a week. There is a lot of truth in this respect as studies show that this is always the most common resolution that even Americans make.

As a matter of fact, in the year 2017, a Nielsen survey showed that 45% of their respondents claimed that they want nothing more but to lose some weight for such year.

You are on the road to getting a fitter and healthier you when you are just like these respondents! Once you have made up your mind that it is time that you get back on track in staying fit and getting as much exercise as you need, then there is no doubt that you are making yourself fitter and prolonging your life.

In terms of losing weight with the help of weight loss diets, you have a lot of weight loss trends to choose from such as the Paleo, Keto, Whole30, Vegan, and Mediterranean.

From among the many diet plans that you can follow, you need to know that the most common ones are what you call the Keto and the Paleo diet plans. For some people, both of these diets are being interchanged in terms of meaning and weight loss goals. If you want to learn more about the two and figure out which one is better for you, then make sure to read till the end.

What is the Keto diet?
Ketosis is what your body will achieve if you will follow this particular diet plan as the name implies. With this process, instead of your carbs being burned, it will be your fats that will be burned down. For this diet to work, you need not consume carbohydrates in your diet. By removing carbs, then your diet will be more on protein and fats.

What is basically the diet you call Paleo?
If you say Paleo diet, you are referring to a diet that is low in carbs. The name of this diet does not come to a surprise as it inspired by the Paleolithic humans who were not given any access to some grains or processed foods. By not consuming these foods, then you will avoid getting the diseases known to man today.

For this kind of diet, what you will be consuming are some grass-fed meats, nuts and seeds, healthy oils, low-starch vegetables and fruits, and eggs. For this particular diet, stay away from salt, refined sugar, dairy, potatoes, and some legumes.

Now, what is the best diet for you?
You are the only person that can assess if which of the two is your best choice depending on certain factors, of course. If your stomach seems to be that sensitive to dairy, then you better go with the Paleo diet. On the other hand, if you are a runner, then the Keto diet works best.

Check out Ketoned Bodies keto meals and other meal services that give you the best sources of information for both diets.

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