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For What Duration Does Weed Stay in Your Body?

From different perspectives, it makes sense to be aware of how long marijuana and its signs may last a user’s body system. Maybe you have a pending drug test, or you’re simply interested in studying the psychoactive and metabolic influences of weed. Getting the facts right is important as you need to take care and avoid any potentially undesired consequences of a positive drug test result. Also, when you know how long marijuana’s psychoactive influences last in your blood, you can plan well your smoking (or ingesting) sessions and the frequency of use.

There’s no straightforward response to the issue of how long traces of marijuana may stay noticeable in your system. Many individuals have weed remain in their system in substantial quantities for detection in a month or less, and mostly, any signs of the substance may disappear in just 10 days. To be able to tell a specific detectable timeframe, one has to consider how long the user has been on the substance and the type of test in question.

Here are some of the main approaches for testing cannabis use:

1. Urine Tests

The urine test is very commonly used to detect marijuana use based on its ability to tell a person who has used it even after the drug’s psychoactive chemicals in their blood no longer exist. As such, a urine exam may reveal that you used weed even if you’re not “intoxicated” with the substance during the test. A single weed smoking or eating session may be traced via urine 7 days after using. With frequent sessions, the detection period may range from 7 to 100 days based on how frequent these sessions are. For moderate use, the weed detection period via urine falls below 30 days, usually.

2. Blood Exam

Blood exams are useful for a shorter period than urine testing. With regular cannabis consumption, a blood can prove use in 48 hours to week after the last session. However, using only once means that a blood test won’t turn out positive later than 24 hours.

Hair Test

Usually, hair never tests positive for marijuana for single-use people. However, a hair test may track marijuana in repeat users numerous months after their last session. Heavy use may actually be detected in hair years later.

Why Detection Periods are not the Same

Detection periods for urine and blood samples differ because the tests are not looking for the same marijuana component. A urine exam targets THC-COOH, which is not psychoactive and is the end-result of cannabis metabolism. However, blood tests target THC, which is the psychoactive marijuana compound. So, any test that seeks to detect weed impairment focuses on blood, and not urine.

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